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Veterinary & Animal Anaesthesia Equipment & Supplies

Vet-Tech has been designing, building and supplying superior quality animal anaesthesia equipment to laboratories, vets and research institutions for over a decade. We're your single point supplier of everything, including:


  • Anaesthesia equipment
  • Anaesthetic monitoring
  • Vapourisers
  • Scavenging units
  • Chambers
  • Bracelets & trolleys
  • Flow metres & regulators
  • Accessories


We pride ourselves on delivering products through a professional, attentive and discreet service. Our anaesthesia equipment is renowned for its’ robust and high-specification quality. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance schedules for our anaesthetists’ clients, making us your trusted supplier of all your anaesthesia and anaesthetic equipment requirements.

View our full range veterinary anaesthesia equipment below:


Veterinary Anaesthesia & Anaesthetic Equipment

With a decade of experience, Vet-Tech designs, builds, and sells quality animal anaesthesia equipment and systems to laboratories, vets and research institutions. We understand the importance of high performance, reliability and usability, and our equipment provides all 3.


Veterinary Anaesthesia: Systems & Machines

Anaesthetists are very specialised medical professionals, requiring specific and reliable equipment and instruments. Our full range of veterinary anaesthesia machines and systems provide controlled delivery of anaesthetic gases. 


One of the most important pieces of equipment that the anaesthetist uses is an anaesthetic machine, which is essential for the inhalation of anaesthesia. At Vet-Tech, our Anaesthetic Machines are designed to provide the correct mix of anaesthetic agents and 02 carrier gases while providing a safe working environment.

You can view our range of systems & machines here.


Anaesthetic Equipment: Monitoring & Tools

We supply a wide range of monitoring equipment, tools, devices and advanced technology to allow vets to provide high-quality medical care and treatment. Our Anaesthetic monitoring equipment brings advanced ventilation performance and safe anaesthesia delivery together in easy-to-use units designed to easy daily work.


From ventilators and oxygen concentrators to autoclaves, these tools and devices are reliable and high quality. Take a look at the selection of equipment that we have on offer here, or if there is something you can’t see, get in touch to find out more about our bespoke service.


Further Information

Your reliable partner for veterinary anaesthesia and anaesthetic equipment in the UK

At Vet-Tech, you’ll find leading veterinary surgical equipment including, lab equipmentanaesthesia suppliesbespoke equipment and equipment servicing. In addition, we supply disinfectant cleaning products and personal protective supplies including disposable gloves and masks.


Please contact us here or through our live chat in the bottom left corner.to find out more information on any of our products or services.



Servicing & Support

From delivery and installation, to servicing and support, Vet-Tech have you covered. With nationwide and international coverage, our dedicated team are ready to service and repair all makes of anaesthetic systems at your premises.


Find out more about our maintenance and support services here.