Anaesthesia Masks

Vet-Tech sells a range of anesthesia masks and accessories for the veterinary surgery and the laboratory. These anesthetic masks and delivery systems you can buy, are all designed to help the user to ensure the safest and simplest ways of administering gaseous medication.


We offer in-line filters at a range of sizes. These are perfect for helping to remove animal dander and contaminate from the filtration system or active scavenging unit. The filter is easy to fit to existing systems and ensures that anaesthetic and scavenging lines do not become blocked, which will extend your equipment’s life.


Vet-Tech also offers a solid weight to hold steady any size of mask, with a solid steel design and non-slip base mask supports can help keep patients comfortable.


A Low Oxygen Alarm ensures safety and continuity during anaesthesia procedures. A whistle is sounded on oxygen depletion and the supply of nitrous oxide is automatically stopped to the patient.


All our masks and delivery systems are manufactured to the highest quality as we have been supplying equipment for businesses such as yours for more than a decade. See more of what we have on offer.

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