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Anaesthesia Machines

Our full range of advanced anaesthesia machines and systems, providing controlled delivery of anaesthetic gases.An anaesthetic machine is an essential tool for inhalation of anaesthesia and the most important piece of equipment that the anaesthetist uses.

Safe use of an anaesthesia machine depends upon an interaction between the basic design of the machine with its safety features and the knowledge and skills of the anaesthetist.

Our Anaesthetic Machines are designed to provide the correct mix of 02 carrier gases and anaesthetic agents while providing a safe working environment.

In the case of our complete systems, they also combine equipment that supports this process such as scavenging functionality.


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Anaesthesia Machine Functionality


The prime function of an anaesthetic machine is to combine and provide a precise mixture of gases, but with a variable composition. The gas mixture can then be delivered to a breathing system.
Anaesthesia machines have evolved from a simple pneumatic device controlling the release of pressurised gases, to a complex combination of mechanical, electrical and computer controlled components.

The driving force behind this has been a focus on patient and user safety alongside greater control and convenience and our modern anaesthesia workstations provide for these requirements, as well as offering complete solutions and complementary functionality.

Our machines perform four essential functions:

1. Provides O2
2. Accurately mixes carrier gases and anaesthetic agent
3. Enables patient ventilation
4. While minimising anaesthesia related risks to patients and staff

Complete Systems


Anaesthetic Machines & Anaesthetic System


Our complete systems come in the form of a single unit Complete Work Station.


They come with built-in scavenging to protect users and patients, and additional complimentary functionality such as a heated surface with downdraft and a fully built in scavenging chamber.


Models available:

DVS410, DVS610, DVS 810.



Compact Systems – off the shelf units


Our Compact Systems offer a complete integrated anaesthesia solution in a smaller unit for when you don't need the additional components/functions provided by our Complete Systems.


These units are designed as a ready to use, off the shelf unit specifically for animal technology.

Models available:

AN001, AN002, AN001A, AN002A, AN001B, AN002B,


Solo Anaesthesia Systems

Our solo anaesthesia machines have been designed provide a low-cost alternative to the larger, more extensive models available from our established range of anaesthesia equipment.

There is no compromise on function, quality of gas delivery or safety, we've just taken the same features and packaged them in a smaller, easier to ship and store unit that still delivers the same gaseous anaesthesia to meet your facilities requirements.

Models available:

AN070, AN071, AN071A


Scavenging Units

The established method for collecting waste anaesthetic gases has now been brought into the 21st Century using the latest DC motor technology, all the safety features of the previous model but now with:

*Smaller footprint
*Low voltage efficiency
*2 stage switch between regular and low flow gas introduction methods


Models available:









What is the use of an Anaesthetic machine?

An anaesthetic machine is designed to prepare a gas mixture, such as an anaesthetic agent. The gas mixture can then be delivered into a breathing system and administered. 

How often should an anaesthesia machine be serviced?

A machine with a rebreathing circuit must be serviced annually to check it is safe for use. An authorized service provider should inspect it. The CO2 absorbers should be changed regularly; for every 12 hours of use, they should be changed at least once.

Trusted Machine Manufactures

At Vet-Tech Solutions, we are proud to design and manufacture new bespoke anaesthetic equipment for your own particular and unique requirements as well as supplying a range of veterinary surgical equipment and laboratory equipment. Our team of engineers are ready to assist you with any design requirements you have. 

Looking to upgrade your existing system? We can help! Our team of fully qualified service engineers will visit your premises for anaesthetic machine installation, servicing or fault finding on existing circuits.

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