Anaesthetic Monitoring Equipment

Our Anaesthesa monitoring equipment brings advanced ventilation performance and safe anaesthesia delivery together in one easy to use unit. Designed to ease the daily work, our anaesthesia machines will help you to reduce postoperative complications, and minimize agent usage.


With a decade of experience of providing laboratories and veterinary surgeries with Anaesthetic Monitoring equipment, we understand the importance of high performance, reliability and usability, and our equipment provides all 3.


Find out more about our range of monitoring devices below.

Anaesthetic Monitoring Machines


Vet-tech sells a range of equipment to fit all of your Anaesthetic Monitoring needs. Such as the Cardiostore, which works as a digital ECG recorder. It is a six-limb, 12 bit, digital diagnostic kit developed specifically to help the veterinary market.


We also have simple, reliable ECG and respiratory monitoring equipment The ERM-8010 is a very sensitive ECG monitor that typically detects and displays a Lead II ECG in real time.There are also replacement clips for the ECG analyser.


Vet-tech offers the Merlin Ventilator, which is a perfect fit for all your small animal needs. Merlin is a microprocessor-controlled ventilator designed by vets for vets. Conventional pressurised gas driving mechanisms are done away with in favour of a precisely controlled piston that can accurately deliver volumes in the range 1ml to 800mls.


The VitalScan incorporates Pulse-Oximetry, NIBP, Respiration, Temperature monitoring and end-tidal CO2 monitoring together in one place and can be controlled from a Windows PC or laptop, offering immediate visual feedback on the patient’s status. Alarms can be set-up to go off when they need to as well.


Impact III offers numerical and trace information on pulse-oximetry, capnography and temperature of a patient. It offers information is shown for all parameters, including capnography, within 15 seconds of turning the unit on. Unlike other units, this machine will never need a service as it is self calibrating.


Anaesthesia Monitoring: High Quality Equipment and Bespoke Solutions


Vet-Tech designs, builds and sells quality animal anaesthesia equipment to laboratories, vets and research institutions. Take a look at the wide range of products that we have on offer below, or if there is something you can’t see, get in touch to find out more on our bespoke service.