Scavenging Systems For Anaesthesia

At Vet-Tech we provide a range of equipment to meet your Anaesthesia Scavenging needs. We have a range of Active Anaesthesia Scavenging equipment for you to choose from, but we're also able to source and supply a huge range of other supporting services or goods.
To find out how we can help support your anaesthesia scavenging needs, shop online, give us a call or send us an email.

How does the Anaesthesia Scavenging Process work?

When using an anaesthetic, normally the gas is entering the circle circuit, and the Scavenging System is collecting and removing waste gases from the breathing circuit and the ventilation circuit.
This process is a key way to avoid wasting anaesthetic gases by removing them entirely from the lab. It also limits risks presented to staff and subjects/patients, thus preventing unnecessary or intentional exposure to anaesthetic gases.

What Scavenging equipment do we stock?

We offer equipment to provide for the entire scavenging process, from control valves and scavenging units, through to filters and filter weighing mechanisms. Follow the links above for more information on each specific product.