Anaesthesia advice for veterinary technicians

February 14, 2017

A well-organised, prepared, surgery with the right equipment is vital to ensuring a smooth process in your veterinary practise. Here’s some advice for technicians on how to have a suitable environment.

Ensure you perform pre-anesthetic checks are carried out.

Always ensure that your equipment is ready for use. Keep an eye on making sure that you’ve got adequate amounts of oxygen in the tank. Also check that the rebreathing bag is ok and you’re completely happy with how the equipment is functioning, and there is enough inhalant anesthetic.

Ensure there is a quiet place for recovery and a qualified member of staff to monitor patients.

While animals are regaining consciousness they are also coping with the demands on their body from surgery. The impact of anesthesia can be longer than would appear from the patient's actions. Close monitoring, with especial focus on more vulnerable creatures or those with unusual anatomies, is important. A quiet place to recover is also a major help. Low-light areas with warmth will make for a smoother recovery and the avoidance of bright lights, and loud noises will keep stress levels down.

Focus on the patient’s needs and ensure protocols are tailored to the animal.

While assessing the needs of the animal it could become clear that it’s more anxious than the some others and therefore pre-medication could focus on calming the pet. This is not always necessary with all animals. A calmer animal will not need as much induction drug and make the process smoother.

Have the right equipment

Ensure you are happy with all the equipment that you have in place. Items, such as a good stethoscope will help provide you with the information that you need. There is much that can be used to keep things as you’d like them, it’s important that you have the right equipment, set up as you like them and with the confidence that they will work how you need them to, when you need them to. Ensure the equipment you may need is near to you and you’re happy with it. The key is to ensure a calm, relaxed animal and a prepared surgery and recovery area.

Well-serviced equipment will ensure the smooth running of your practice.

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