Choosing a reliable company to carry out your anesthesia machine service.

October 18, 2017

It’s important that you pick the right business to maintain and look after your anesthesia machine, which is such an important piece of equipment for your workplace. 

As manufacturers, as well as sales and distribution, we can ensure that our products are made with the highest quality components. Our designs are also evolving to ensure that they match the needs of the industry and are designed and carried out to whatever purpose you need.

That knowledge and variety means that we can work with everything, from basic through to complex and advanced systems.

We go well beyond just carrying out a regular anesthesia machine service. We contact you when you’re due for your next check to ensure that your machine is repaired by one of our experienced engineers when it needs to be.

As we know that it’s a key part of your facility we do more than just work on the vapouriser, we also check and examine other elements, such as the chambers and masks. All seals are replaced as a matter of course and all the components are checked and changed if necessary. All parts are fully pressure tested and each machine has its own report with calibration certificate for the vapouriser.

We can also create recommendations based on your own systems for the best ways to use the product.

As a business we understand the issues that disruption can have. Working with you we’ll ensure work is carried out quickly, efficiently, with minimum disruption, and with maximum ease.

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