Getting your anaesthesia vapouriser serviced

November 16, 2017

It’s incredibly important that an anaesthetic vapouriser is able to deliver a reliable concentration of the agent to the subject.  

A regular service is key to ensure they are regularly calibrated through preventative maintenance.

The big benefit will be that there will be no deterioration in performance. As the vapouriser is at the heart of any anaesthetic machine it should have an annual service.

Vet-tech offers a full service and recalibration including replacing all the internal consumable parts, along with a complete retest and calibration.

Vapourisers have validation testing and certification, we also ensure that there are no hidden extras or major work carried out without prior permission with a view to working alongside the biomedical businesses.

We can carry out on-site checks using Riken Gas Analysers and our service exchange ensures that vaporisers are replaced with an equivalent, if not better quality Vapourisers.

Once the work has been carried out we then note the serial number and date and make contact a year later to ensure that you’re aware it’s time for another service.

Our vapouriser servicing forms part of our maintenance support service which features one to five-year service contracts offering fixed pricing to make more savings.

Our service is both in-house and on-site aimed at reducing any potential downtown for your laboratory or surgery. We can be quicker than our competitors because we are a supplier and manufacturer, giving us a quicker lead time.

We have a service co-ordinator to ensure that technical questions or site visits are scheduled in and we aim to provide the best service and solutions to our customers.

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