How do anaesthesia machine vaporisers work?

November 16, 2017

The vapouriser is an essential part of your anaesthesia machine. It sits at the centre of the system and is vital.


Modern inhalant anaesthetics are liquids when stored at room temperature and so need to become a gas to be given to the animal. During vapourisation, molecules of anaesthetic on the surface of the liquid become a gas.

The vapouriser’s key function is to ensure that the exact and precise amount of anaesthetic gas is added to the outlet of the anaesthetic machine. It takes into effect any changes to the fresh gas flow or temperature to ensure that the correct amount of liquid is converted to gas.

Without the vaporiser’s work to compensate for the flow, there would be a risk that there would be higher concentrations of gas being added to the oxygen.

Vapourisers are made from materials that are able to conduct heat well, to prevent the gas from cooling and vapourisation from cooling over time. They also regulate the amount of agent that is used dependent on the current temperature.

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