How to specify your bespoke laboratory equipment

December 20, 2017

A bespoke piece of laboratory equipment can help transform your business. It can ease pressures, be safer, and work at its best for what you need. There’s a lot to consider when deciding what's right for you so it’s good to have a clear idea and plan in place, ready for when you need help.

Consider the problems you need to solve: What do you need your item to do? Consider the pain points of your business and what you may need to do to solve them. Do you have any ideas what may be the solution? It’s important that you lay out the issues that you face and not just the product you want. A good business making bespoke products will help you sculpt what you need to fit your requirements.

Determine the requirements:You need to consider beyond just the problems your company faces. Write down, specifically, what you want to achieve day-to-day with the equipment. What does it need to do, how often and at what cost.

Clear writing: With a clear writing style, you can ensure that any interested parties in the business are able to understand specifically what you require. The clearer your brief the less ambiguity and the better it will be for the business to see the benefits of your proposal.

We can help: We have an experienced sales team that can help advise you on your problems and, with a great product knowledge, able to demonstrate products and visit your site to ensure that your exact needs are met. For more information contact us today.


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