Why should you ensure proper maintenance of anaesthesia equipment?

October 18, 2017

The anaesthesia equipment that is in your veterinary surgery or laboratory is a key piece of kit to ensure the steady running of your facility

It’s a piece of equipment that must be maintained, to ensure the safe and reliable sedation of animals and to remove the chance of pain and suffering. Leaks in the system can be harmful to the animal, due to the reduced amount of anesthesia they receive.

At the very least, leaks cost the surgery money, at their worst they can cause unsafe levels of pollution in your lab. Waste gasses from anaesthetic agents, such as isoflurane, can create health risks. Maintenance can extend the life of your machine and ensure they are running at their best.

The best thing to do is have an annual service. Here’s why:

Clinical Accuracy

Calibrating your vapouriser is vital to ensuring that the correct concentration of anaesthetic agent is used. The best way to do this is to perform a function check every 12 months. Using a trained engineer, with state-of-the-art refractometer, can ensure an accuracy of plus or minus 5%, meaning you can be confident in the equipment.

Preventive Maintenance

An annual maintenance is about more than just recalibration. Gaskets, seals and O Rings are removed and replaced, wicks are replaced and leak tests are carried out.

The benefits of serviced equipment

Anaesthetic agent is an expense to your facility. Ensuring the right amount is used and nothing is wasted is key to saving money. Also, unserviced vapourisers can leak, which carries dangers to staff. Also there are dangers to animals as well - a well calibrated tool will ensure that animals get the right treatment during difficult procedures.


We provide an unconditional guarantee on parts and labour on all serviced vapourisers for the full 12-months, offering you peace of mind.

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