Veterinary Dosing Equipment

Shop our full range of veterinary dosing equipment supplies for vets and laboratories. Our range includes catheters, needles and syringes for a range of animal needs.


We sell a range of microvettes, designed for a variety of uses and drug administrations depending on the patient’s needs in the laboratory or surgery. Such microvets allow for an efficient alternative to winged infusion sets and are compatible with different analysers as a primary tube for direct sampling.


Vet-Tech also offers a range of Gavage Needles to suit your own particular requirement, manufactured in stainless steel in either curved or straight format to buy


Nelaton Catheters are manufactured in red rubber and made with side eyes near the tip and are 380mm in length.


Hypodermic needles also come in a range of sizes and weights dependent on what they are needed for, We can supply different brands and types dependent on what they are needed for.


All our products are manufactured to the highest standards so you can be assured while carrying out even the most sensitive work.

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