Anaesthetic Machine Services – What you need to know

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of regular services and how we can help.

The service and repair of anesthesia equipment is something that often forms a critical component of a successful veterinary practice. Although some aspects of the process can be routine, such as checking for leaks, many aspects of a full service are complex and require precise calibration and access to a full suite of replacement parts.

Getting a regular anaesthetic machine service has a range of benefits:

Extends the lifetime of parts and expensive, business critical equipment

  • Often allows you to avoid the cost of having to replace an entire piece of equipment or multiple components
  • Ensures that the machine is accurately calibrated, keeping you and your patients safe
  • Peace of mind between services – you know the parts and equipment are working well and will do until the next service

No business wants to deal with a surprise expense, or the potential loss of business and damaged reputation that can be caused by equipment downtime or failure. Getting your anaesthesia equipment serviced ensures this isn’t something you have to worry about.

Here at Vet-Tech, our service solutions provide a range of unique benefits:

Engineers who service and build anaesthetic machines purely for the animal technology market.

  • Capable of servicing machines from the majority of the manufacturers in the industry
  • We manufacture, supply and distribute, anaesthetic parts and machines, allowing us to provide and deliver parts quickly
  • Nationwide coverage
  • On-site visits by our engineers

Regular servicing of the vital equipment and machines is the best way to ensure that your practice is protected leaving you to focus on patient care. Contact Vet-tech today to find more about how our servicing solutions can help you.

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