Surgical Accessories

At VetTech we offer a range of accessories for surgery, including many options within our heated range; from simple heated pads to warm air chambers that can be used pre or post surgery.

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Height Adjustable Surgery Tables

Features of our tables include:

Trespa or Stainless Steel working areas

A hand-held control box to help you obtain the ideal working height for your individual needs

Reliable, sturdy and stable, even in the most elevated positions

Mobile with locking Castors


Please let us know the particular instruments you require and we will prepare a quote for you.

Sutures and Adhesives

We are suppliers of the Ethicon range of sutures and can supply adhesives and wound closures alike.

Heated Options

Looking to move to in-cage recovery? Then look no more as we have several items to cater for this, such as our heated cage trolley, and our bench unit that uses the same tried-and-tested technology. Just place your cages on the heated shelf and your animals can recover with a regulated, controllable heat source, with the option to have either 100% or 50% of the shelf heated. The 50% version allows the animals to move away from the direct heat should they wish to. Both of these options have become really popular of late, no doubt due to their uniqueness and simplicity.

Standard sizes are available but can be custom-made to cater for different cage sizes and amounts.

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