Experienced service engineers ready to assist with your requirements

With nationwide and international coverage, our dedicated team are ready to service and repair all makes of anaesthetic systems at your premises.

Maintenance Support Includes:

  • Full Anaesthetic machine service
    • Vaporiser validation testing and certification
    • Extensive stock of service exchange vaporisers available
    • 1-5 year service contracts offering savings and fixed pricing
    • Veterinary Equipment Servicing
    • On-site oxygen concentrator servicing and purity testing
    • Servicing and Certification
      • Warm air recovery system
      • Airshowers
      • Autoclave
      • Containment Isolators
      • Downdraft Tables
      • Safety/Containment cabinets

Vet-Tech: Servicing, Engineers, Systems & Parts


We have a pool of engineers trained to the highest standard to carry out servicing on various equipment. Having a pool enables us to schedule routine maintenance visits easier and respond quickly to any emergency calls that may arise, with a turnaround time of up to 24 hours. They are 100% employed by Vet-Tech Solutions, and when not out on service calls, they are involved in the workshop with the manufacture and assembly of equipment, so they know the complete workings of all systems. 


Each system will have a report sheet showing the work carried out at the time of the service and any recommendations noted. Before leaving, the engineer will talk you through the reports, and the records are then available on hand for any health and safety audits. The engineer will place various stickers on the system showing the date the system was serviced and when it is next due. All will have signatures on them again, covering traceability.


At Vet-Tech, we hold all the information of the systems we service and will make contact ahead of the following service. A mail is sent out as a reminder showing the systems we have logged on our database, including the make, model and serial number references. Once a PO is issued, we get the service visit booked in with an agreeable date suitable for all.


Every part of the System is Serviced and checked. This includes all Chambers and Circulatory items.


 For the Vaporiser, there are 2 Options available:

  1. The service exchange vaporiser we offer will replace your current vaporiser with a fully serviced and calibrated vaporiser. All perishable items are replaced inside, the unit is fully pressured and function tested and finally re-calibrated to make sure it meets the manufacturers’ tolerances. The service exchange vaporiser is virtually new and comes with a one year warranty.
  2. A vaporiser on-site validation check is where the engineer will come on-site and test the vaporiser with specialist equipment to see if it still meets the manufacturers’ tolerances. No components will be changed during this procedure, and no calibration is carried out.

Please note we have a huge stock of service exchange vaporisers. So should your vaporiser fail, a replacement can be shipped the same day to minimise downtime.


All consumable and minor parts are included in the service price. No surprises later once we have left and no hidden extras. No major parts fitted without prior notice and knowledge.


Again, we will service your CO2 Systems in the same manner and carry out a thorough, in-depth check. Giving the nature of this type of equipment, a regular routine service is vital for a smooth-running system.


Our engineers are always polite, professional, friendly and discrete given the industry in which they work and guaranteed to turn up on the date agreed.


We rigidly follow all clean rules as set out in each establishment. We will never contravene any Bio-Security whatsoever. Tools can also be sent ahead of the visit for cleaning purposes.

Three and five year contracts are available, all designed to save costs. Please just ask for details, and we will get back to you with more information or ask for an on-site visit to discuss your requirements personally.

Anaesthesia Machine Manufacturer

Vet-Tech are not only here to service and maintain your anaesthesia machines; we are also proud to manufacture them

Whenever a service is needed, and parts are required, minimising downtime is a critical objective. As we are the supplier, distributor, and manufacturer, we can provide and deliver spare replacement parts in a much shorter lead time than some other companies.

The combination of predictive maintenance, historical data, and geo-specific proximity assures our customers that parts and labour are available whenever a service is scheduled.

Vet-Tech: Our Approach & Service

Vet-Tech offers a competitively priced, comprehensive in-house and on-site service, with a team of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable engineers. We’re pleased to offer a free quoting service, where the price quoted is the price you pay, with no hidden charges*

Our Service Coordinator is on hand to assist and coordinate any technical queries and schedule site visits for customers. As a company, we are customer-service driven and aim to do all we can to provide the best possible solution from start to finish.

Following your service visit, your equipment will be logged on our comprehensive database offering full traceability and a convenient annual service reminder system.

* Should major additional parts be required to bring your system to full working order, we will request confirmation before fitting and agreed costs.

How often should a veterinary anaesthesia machine be serviced?

Any machine with a rebreathing circuit must be inspected and serviced by a qualified engineer annually. It is important to maintain your machine and have reports available for health and safety audits.  

The attached CO2 absorbers should be changed regularly, at least once after every 12 hours of use.

Feedback from our customers…

“Vet-tech provides an exemplary servicing programme that meets the needs of a busy organisation. Their engineers are very experienced, they listen, provide solutions but above all keep the equipment working and safe!”

A pharmaceutical company

“Very pleased from start to finish. We called another company who installed the machine originally and their only option was to replace the whole machine. Vet-tech through efficient and fast communication took the time and repaired our anaesthetic machine to a high standard. 2 years later and it’s still working fine and passing all the relevant tests.”

A contract breeder

“Always reliable, always professional, always available, always dependable, would not trust the equipment to anyone else.”

A world-leading university

“Initially impressed by their handcrafted anaesthetic machines, I have since discovered the staff at Vet-Tech to be of just as high a quality. They have been professional, thorough, timely from Day 1; standards are consistently high, and their engineers are always just so friendly. The level of care and craftsmanship that they provide is rare these days, I can’t recommend the Vet-Tech team enough.”

A leading CRO