Our Team

Introducing our Various Sub Teams at Vet Tech.

Our sales team will guide you through our range of equipment,
matching the ideal product to your requirements.

Our in-house design team make bespoke equipment that suits your
specific needs.

Our experienced service engineers can visit your premises to
help with installation, maintenance, and servicing of equipment.

Our Admin Team ensures a smooth process from ordering, to
manufacturing to delivery.

Sales Team

Consisting of dedicated sales professionals, our sales team are the first point of contact when you reach out to us. By guiding you through our equipment, our team can help match your requirements with the range of products available. Should you wish for a more specialised approach, our sales team can talk you through our bespoke services, and arrange a visit to your site to further understand your equipment requirements.

Design Team

Our in-house design team are waiting to hear from you regarding any projects that may require a more specialist approach, rather than a product from our standard range. The team will talk you through your requirements and needs at an on-site visit so we can understand what you wish to achieve and visualise the area where the equipment will be used. The team works with the latest 3D software, such as Solidworks which is used to produce drawings for viewing prior to placing an order with us. A dedicated quote is produced for the items required and the quote number can be referenced on your purchase order for ease of use. Our design team work on your product up until delivery, where the servicing team will then take over.

Servicing Team

We have a team of experienced, highly qualified service engineers, that are ready to visit your premises to carry out your routine maintenance on your anaesthesia and CO2 systems. Our team will also visit your premises to carry out installations and servicing of your VetTech – and other makes of – equipment. When our engineers are not out making service site visits, they are in our workshop learning even more about all aspects of our systems during manufacture and assembly.

Admin Team

Our admin team ensures a smooth process for you and are here to help from the point of placing a purchase order, and throughout all processes to the final invoicing stage. Once a purchase order has been received, our admin team will send out a sales confirmation to acknowledge that we have received your order. From this point, the next action, whether it be manufacturing or delivery, will be organised by the team.