Anaesthetic Accessories

At VetTech we offer a range of accessories for anaesthesia, from portable scavenging systems to various sized chambers and more.

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Adjustable and Heated Surgery Platforms

Standard Surgery Platform

A simple plinth style platform that raises your patient slightly off the surgery table.
This helps with positioning of the end users’ wrists offering a more comfortable way of working.

Adjustable Surgery Platform
This platform is attached to a podium that allow you to move it multiple different directions so the ideal position can be achieved.
Simply unlock the holding knob find the correct position and tighten again to keep the
platform in place.

Heated, Adjustable Surgery Platform
To accommodate heat requirements of your patients, VetTech introduce our heated surgery
platform. Like our standard adjustable platform, but with the addition of a heat source with a heated control box.
The temperature is easily controlled using the digital box that displays the temperature of
the platform.

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Portable Scavenging Systems and Filter Canisters

Our variable speed ASU makes it easier to control and maintain the amount of scavenging within the set-up, especially when using Smaller Rodents. 

VetTech are the innovators of the Vetscav Filter Weighing System. The Vetscav weighs the waste gas filter in use and alerts the end user when the canister is full and requires changing for a fresh one. We supply the Vetscav-dedicated filter canisters as well as the widely used Aldasorbers.


Our anaesthetic chambers are available in red or clear perspex, with a sloping front top for easy access and our own design with a diffusing rod in the bottom. Available in small and large, dependent on the species being used.

Face Masks

Available in four different sizes – we just need know which species you will be working with. Add a mask support to keep the mask in place whilst in use on the working area. 

We can supply stereotaxic masks – all we require is the stereotaxic mask manufacturer and the design.

Rotating Operating Tables

We have invented a rotating operating table that comes in two versions; either non-heated or heated. The table enables you to position your animal on the mask (that is attached to the table) in the exact position for you carry out surgery, especially if working in a confined space such as a safety cabinet.

We also offer three-way gas valves, tubing and connectors to complete the system.

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