World leading London College change servicing provider and couldn’t be happier

Having used Vet Tech for equipment (anaesthetic/CO2) servicing in the past I was confident that they would provide us with an excellent and professional service. Due to being unhappy with a current provider, we decided to move over to Vet-Tech earlier this year, and I am so happy that we did. Vet-Tech now covers all of our anaesthetic kits, oxygen generators and CO2 equipment.

What the service included:

  • Full Anaesthetic machine service
  • Vaporiser validation testing and certification
  • On-site oxygen concentrator servicing and purity testing
  • Servicing certification

“Based on my previous experience with Vet-Tech, I was confident that we would receive a good service from experienced, diligent engineers. Unfortunately, I was away when Vet-Tech arrived on site. However, it was a pleasure to have my confidence within the company reaffirmed by my staff. Every member of the team was very impressed with the level of service provided and made a point of telling me how pleased they were that we had changed from our previous provider.

You get what you pay for with Vet-Tech and I am very happy with the service provided by the company. I would recommend them to anyone who requires a quality service as they truly are fantastic.”

Unique benefits of Vet-Tech servicing your equipment:

  • The engineer’s service and build anaesthetic machines purely for the animal technology market giving us unique knowledge and experience.
  • Vet-Tech is capable of servicing machines from the majority of the manufacturers in the industry.
  • Nationwide coverage
  • They can manufacture, supply and distribute, anaesthetic parts and machines, providing and delivering parts quickly.
  • Vet-Tech understand biosecurity and take this very seriously and will enquire (rather than wait to be told) about the relevant site’s restrictions routinely when arranging visits.

Vet-Tech offers a competitively priced, comprehensive in-house and on-site service. For more information on how we can support you contact our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable engineers today.

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