Meet Rupert! Latest News from Vet Tech on the new sponsored puppy

Rupert is slightly younger than Dexter and is progressing well at training school. Find out about their journey so far.

Rest assured that your sponsorship will continue as usual, and we’ll send you regular Pupdates showing how Rupert is getting on! If you have any questions, please contact our Supporter Care Team on 0800 953 0113 or email

With your continued support, Rupert could go on to make a life-changing difference. Thank you again. Your generosity is helping to create a world where people with sight loss can live the life they choose.

Here’s Rupert at the Guide Dogs National Centre. He is a lovable golden retriever cross who loves exploring his surroundings. 

Sponsored guide dog puppy, Rupert, is at Pupdate 1 stage. The video shows Rupert as he grows up with his Puppy Raiser, learning the basic skills needed to become an amazing guide dog or buddy dog!

Sponsored pup Rupert is at Pupdate 2 stage. He has been learning how to use public transport with his Puppy Raiser, Jean. He will continue to learn the basic skills needed to become a life-changing guide dog or buddy dog!

Sponsored pup Rupert is at Pupdate 3 stage. He has started Guide Dogs Training School. He’s settled in well with trainer Rhiannon and they are forming a strong bond. Rhiannon is teaching Rupert all the basic skill he will need for his future career.

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