CO2 IVC Unit

An exciting new development designed in conjunction with various clients.

Features include:

  • To humanely cope with the euthanasia of rodents.
  • This system uses the animals own Home Cage to supply a pre-set mix of CO2 / O2 and Anaesthetic Gases.
  • Pre-set cycles and flow rates set to user choice.
  • CE Marked
  • Can be used piped or cylinder gases.
  • Internal or external scavenging.
  • Fully Mobile


A standard set up may be to the automatic cycle as follows

  • Introduction of O2 and Isoflurane Mix
  • Introduction of CO2 / O2 Mix
  • Introduction of CO2 Only
  • Dwell Period
  • Extract
Can be manufactured for any standard Individually Vented (IVC) Cages,
to provide the best in animal welfare using home cages.
More information on request
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Customer Testimonial

When the Mira Building opened in 2017, we looked at all the available rodent CO2 equipment available and were kindly offered a trial period with quite a few pieces of equipment.

 It quickly became evident that the Vet Tech equipment was superior in every way to its competitors.

We purchased four of the single cage delivery Units which supplies CO2 to both our Tecniplast and Allentown rat and mouse cages via a bayonet fitting on a modified Cage lid.

Also purchased a multi cage system which can take up to four Tecniplast GM500 cages.

The induction appears as stress free as it can be for the animals who are in their home cage and the overall process is seamless and extremely reliable.

Fantastic equipment!

Facility Manager – University of Cambridge

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